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About Us

Looking for answers, everywhere!

LSP are made up of Rachel, Gemma and Nicki, 3 lifelong paranormal enthusiasts who hail from the glorious county of Yorkshire. Take a look below to find out more...

Our Story

Rachel and Nicki first began investigating together 7 years ago after discovering both had a mutual love of the paranormal. They then joined a local events team in in West Yorkshire and were eventually joined by Gemma. As they started to gain more attention, they teamed up with West Yorkshire Paranormal and began scouting for new locations. Since then, they have worked with many teams across the UK, have filmed with multiple teams, appeared as guest speakers, ran workshops, Rachel was interviewed as part of the online Festival of the Unexplained 2021, helped to organise and run the festival in 2022 and are currently planning huge events within England with some VERY special guests.

Just three friends who love the unknown!


Meet The Team

Rachel Ashman

Nicki Scollan

Gemma Oldfield


Jon Doe

From being very young, Rachel has seen and heard spirit. Hiding under her covers from shouting shadow figures, nobody believed she was experiencing these occurrences every night. This lead to a fascination with all things paranormal and has dedicated decades to proving what she saw as a child was real. Working with world renowned psychic mediums and well established teams; the search continues.

Rachel is clairaudio and an empath; able to walk into a room and instantly pick up on the vibes, energies and emotions. She also specialises in house cleansings, creating smudges for any house or energy and has helped hundreds of families all across the north of England. You can find her wondering through fields and woodlands for herbs and plants to create new cleansing smudges.

A guest speaker at events, conventions, team investigations and podcasts, you can find Rachel handing out advice to anyone who needs it.

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Jane Doe

Nicki's fascination for the paranormal started as a teenager, where telling ghost stories and playing with a Ouija board with friends planted the seed that would turn into a life long passion. From playing around with a board game as a teen, Nicki has become a strong team leader and hard working investigator, always thinking of new ways to use her senses to catch the evidence she so eagerly wants.

Nicki stared attending investigations as a guest before quickly being asked, along with Rachel, to join two well established  paranormal teams in which Gemma quickly followed and became a popular team leader.

During investigations, Nicki enjoys using sensory equipment as well as the odd gadget or two. Preferring to sit in the dark alone and capturing hard evidence with a simple voice recorder and camera. She loves to spend time going solo and braving the haunted halls of some of the UK's most haunted locations.

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James Doe

As a child Gemma experienced a strange encounter when laying in her dark bedroom,  her clothes appeared just get up and dance around in her room by themselves.  After this, Gemma was convinced then that there was more than meets the eye.

Gemma didn’t really experience anything further until she moved into her first home, where things would happen that had no logical explanation.  Cutlery and knives often appeared on her kitchen worktop out of nowhere, and one day when family were visiting, the activity went as far as hearing a noise coming from the kitchen only to find a meat cleaver spinning on the worktop.  Not long after this, Gemma moved and activity continued so much so, that her husband believed he had just engaged in conversation with her from one of the bedrooms on his way downstairs,  to then find her in the kitchen washing up.

Gemma prefers to use her own senses when investigating and can usually be found sitting quietly observing her surroundings, but does like a techy gadget or two.

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