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An evening with Fanny Price

Friday, Rachel and Nicki headed off to Wales for a night in the infamous Skirrid Inn, the oldest inn in Wales! Such a beautiful building in a gorgeous setting surrounded by rolling hills, mountains and quirky houses and buildings!

The first thing which stopped us in our tracks was the noose, swinging gently in the stairwell! The iconic feature greets everyone who walks through the building with a stark reminder of its morbid but fascinating past!

Our hosts for the evening were United In Paranormal, lead by Justin! Love these guys, it's like investigating with your best friends and who better to tick off a bucket list location off with?!?!

During the evening, we had a few hits on equipment, had some personal experiences and Nicki came home with a pretty nasty bruise with scratches but overall, it was a little flat!

The location was unbelievably draining, not just on our energy but on all the equipment, phones, cameras and even watches! We had all our equipment on charge for 14 hours and everything died in the first hour... madness!

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