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Holzer Files reunion at…

We are thrilled to announce that we have secured another speaker (to be asked to the poster) for the festival of the Unexplained!

With the Holzer Files reunion taking place, Cindy will be hosting an evening of platform mediumship and joining us for our ghost hunt at the Justice Galleries in Nottingham.

As well as Cindy, Dave and Shane, we have so many other incredible guests:

Dr Kate Cherrel (haunted homecoming)

Penny Griffiths-Morgan (haunted Histories)

Dan and Adam's (Ghost Trip Investigations)

Dan Klaes (owner of the Hinsdale house)

Ron Yacovetti (Staticom)

Lourdes Goncalves (Staticom)

Danny Moss (My Haunted HQ)

With one more guest too announce, this is shaping up to be our biggest year ever! Grab your tickets at

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