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Festival of the Unexplained 2023

As you'll be aware, we've spent an incredible week with some of the most amazing people at the Festival of the Unexplained 2023.

I was honoured to have been made co-owner of this spectacular company as a birthday gift from the beautiful Karen Fray, event founder and my new business partner!

We not only got to spend the week with our favourite guests but made new friends too including; Danny Moss (My Haunted Hotel, The paranormal investigator, Haunted Hunts,) Penny Griffiths-Morgan (Paranormal Playtime, Help my House is Haunted,) Neil Storey (all round rogue,) Dave Schrader (Holzer Files, Ghosts of Devils Perch,) Jay Austin (UFOlogist, cryptic and skinwalker ranch guru,) Rob Thompson (Spirit Medium, The Ghostfinders) and Daryl Marston (Ghost Hunters)

What a weekend!

Here's a few photos from the event and some of our beautiful friends

Here's to 2024!

Rachel x

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