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Eddie Fray: the loss of a legend

Rachel, Gemma and Nicki would like to send their sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Eddie Fray. Ed was founder member of KEAP paranormal based in the Midlands. Previously, Ed worked with HD paranormal and was the financial backer of the incredible Festival Of The Unexplained. We are all incredibly sad to hear of his passing.

He leaves behind his wife Karen who is one of our dearest friends. He will be missed by absolutely everyone who ever met him.

His epic paranormal hangover cures known as the "Eddie-Brek" with his unusual take on the seasoned baked beans will be a lasting memory for us, a memory we will look back on with fondness and humor. You're a good man Eddie and we hope you now have the peace you sought in your next life! Rest in Peace young man, you will be missed!

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