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Festival of the Unexplained

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

You may have noticed, we've been a little quiet recently! Reason for this is that us LSP girls get stuck in and help to organise and run the incredible Festival of the Unexplained held at Bosworth Hall in September!

Karen Fray, the event owner, is putting on the 2nd weekend festival after years of spectacular online events, drawing in thousands of viewers and participants across the world.

You can meet the incredible guest speakers Dave Schrader, Daniel Klaes, Penny Griffiths Morgan, Rob Thompson, Daryl Marston, Neil Storey, Danny Moss and To

ny Rae as well as many other great exhibitors, psychic mediums and of course, everyone's favourite Yorkshire Ghost Hunting Girls... US :)

For tickets, head to www.

See you there

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