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Our night at Wortley

Last night, Nicki and I spent a freezing 5 hours at Wortley Top Forge, a living museum showcasing some of the incredible machinery and structures used during its heyday!

Honestly, couldn't tell you much about some of the equipment there but the restoration society have done such an amazing job in bringing this former derelict building back to life and awakening the spirits still working away and living their afterlives in this gorgeous setting!

We spent the evening with Angelique and mum (Joyce) who have worked for Spookseekers and Brian, owner of Haunted Britannia who also looks incredible in green light... in joke!

We started the evening in the restored building... Siberian temperatures but so much movement, footsteps and constant REM pod activity. After a quick warm up break with a cuppa soup, we spent time in the cottages, they were a little flat until things ramped up on the ground floor. I saw a full shadow pass in front of me, blocking vision from the window, Brian caught a female sigh whilst I was looking for someone who may have walked by and had some great responses from the human pendulum and transfiguration!

We do love this location, will absolutely book summer next time though!


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